Friday, June 12, 2009

My Day

My day was awful.


This made it all better.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


What a day. I guess it's safe to say that this blog is no more. How sad. How...demonic. If you stop & really think about it, it's really sort of evil. It's VERY evil. To "prey" on the convictions of SO many people, only to *poof* go away. "B" needs prayer, that much I know. She also needs a couple of days @ the ole' mental disorder treatment facility. I was a follower. Because I thought that I was a witness to His awesome power. Everyday, with every new update, I felt stronger. I felt that God could heal ANYONE. In turn, that gave me so much hope for Jax. Now I realize that Jax has tons of hope, with or without Miss Weirdo telling me about her imaginary baby's fake heart rate.


ANNNND that brings me to ANOTHER blogger who shall remain nameless for the time being. I personally believe it's totally strange to make up blog after blog after blog, & changing EVERYTHING with each new Blogger name. Hello! People remember. We have a MEMORY. If you are single-say you are single. If you are childless-say you are childless. Why make up things to share with us readers, who don't even really know you? To make yourself feel better? So we can comment you on "OMG your bag is TOTALLY CUTE, GIRL!!!!"

You are generic & your are dumb.

Onto more important things.

Jax is great. He has had a fever for about....5 days. His Dr's all say it's a fever virus & we should just let it go it's course. He is 9 months old. We can't do much @ this age.

Landon & I are great. We are e n g a g e d. The date is October 24th, 2008. The venue is reserved & the dress is on order. Me=thrilled.

Work, though. Work is work & work is sucky. Same people, different day. I am waiting for a couple of attorney's to call me back. *crosses fingers* If I don't get out of that place soon, I will cry everyday & quit. I promse. It's THAT BAD.