Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I missed work yesterday bc Jax had Dr. appointments all day long. He had his RSV shot, his 6th month well baby visit, & a ENT check. His ears are SO infected. I hate it. All together he had 5! shots. He was a trooper though. He is getting tubes in his ears the middle of next month. I think this will help with the vomiting/wheezing/runny nose he has been having. He is ready for phase 2 foods & sippy cups.
Next thing you know, he will be driving his own little self to the Dr.


The house is almost put together. What sucks is we have NOTHING. Living in that tiny house didn't allow us much room for a lot of furniture. Now we have an echo. It's weird. I guess those things come with time. What's important is we are now spaced out, instead of on top of each other. Plus, a nice sized yard, a big kitchen, a huge living room, & a EXTRA bedroom. Storage space x's 12,000!

Last night, Landon's parents & his brother, his wife, & their son came over for dinner. (I hate to even say anything on here for chance that someone would pass this along & then I would be "outed".) Landon's SIL is nice, I guess. We used to be best friends in college. But see, I'm over college. I'm over drinking & being loud & making a scene. Sorry. It's just not who I am anymore. Those WERE NOT my glory days, letmetellyou. So they come over with the 5 yr. old who forgets his manners everywhere he goes. That boy. All I can say is, when I was pregnant with Jax, & found out I was having a boy, I was scared. He makes me scared of little boys. The way he is SO disrespectful. It's just unnerving. Landon's SIL (who we will now call SIL) always sends M (her son) to Jax's room to play when they come over. I take a lot of pride in Jax's room & I hate it when M goes in there bc he pulls everything out, breaks things, tries to ride all of his baby toys, etc. It's a NURSERY. NOT a day-care for your son when he comes over. SHIT.

M was throwing pizza across the table, pretending to "smoke" with this foil he found (hello! not funny!), yelling @ his parents, had a major shit-fit when it was time to go home. I just..ugh..I will put it to you this way: JAX WILL NOT ACT LIKE THAT. I will not have that. I'm sorry, I know boys are boys, but dammit. No way in hell will I tolerate Jax acting like a effing creep when we go to visit someone. When your child plays in the master bedroom, you should probably remove them from there. If they throw food, punish them. Yelling "NO!" whenever you ask him to do something. Watching your child chase the owners cat around the house & scaring it so much that it is BEGGING to be let out, WTH? Is it me or I thought this was all common knowledge. It would break my heart to watch Jax turn out that way. It really would.

Ugh. Anyway.
I'm just glad that isn't my child. I would be sad to go home everyday after work.


  1. SIL = Self-absorbed x Beerfinity. M = Lost.

  2. We had that situation w/ my husbands cousins child. Oh boy. We quit doing anything w/ them. We could not handle it. It was awkward at first because we did a lot w/ them. Years have gone by now and we are all still friends from a distance. The kids all turned out normal and we have a good relationship.

  3. Your little one is so cute.

    Sounds like your little nephew is a little monster. LOL... (OMG) Your SIL reminds me of my sister and my cousin. Whenever their kids come over it gets really nuts.