Monday, February 16, 2009


Last night was the first night in our new house. We love it. We started moving @ 10, & had everything out by noon. We still have things over there that we need to get (like the cat) & some boxes, but other than that, we are out. My bathtub is my favorite part of the house. It's BIG & it WORKS & it has WATER PRESSURE & the water gets SUPER HOT. Sucky part is: we don't have internet/cable right now. We ordered a FABULOUS new french-door fridge & it was delivered/installed today....with a giant ding in the front of it. Awesome. yaaaay.


I had to bring myself to the after-hours clinic today. I was going to get a little lunch from Whole Foods, but then all I wanted to do was lay down/ puke/ cry, so I drove up there. I got a shot & 2 antibiotics. Turns out I have an ear infection & respiratory infection. Right now, I feel BETTER. Not great. No more wanting to die in my car, though. That's a huge improvement.

Valentines night was great. Landon & I went to Kevin's & drank & ate about $80 worth of food. I got a little drunk on white Russians. Why I drank THAT, I don't know. We had a nice night. We went home with Jax & crawled in bed.

That's all, really. Not too much to say. It's been a pretty hectic 48 hours.

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  1. Love the layout. I take it you figured out the html. Congrats on your new house again. Now hurry up and have a house-warming party so I can come check it out and bring you a present.