Friday, February 20, 2009

Home Alone. Again.

Landon went to Mobile this morning. I really hate it when he does. I have to get up extra early. (like, 30 min.) So I can bring Jax to daycare & not be late for work. Then come home & be all lonely until 9 pm or so when he gets back. Right now it's triple sucky bc the cable man hasn't been able to get out here to hook us up this week, & won't be able to until tomorrow. Taking care of Jax by myself isn't a problem. He is @ a age (6 months) where he can sit up on his own & keep himself entertained if I put toys around him. Tonight, though, he is being extra "needy" & it has taken him almost an hour to eat a 6 oz. bottle. He wants it, then he eats for a second, then he starts looking around, then he wants to play with something else. I put him down to play & he is fine...for 6 min. Then he starts whining again. We have done this 4 times since I began this blog.

Gimme DAT!

Playing is my fav.

No one to cook for means leftovers. It's Dorrito pie, ya'll!

Make that 5 times. No. Wait. 6. Later.

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