Monday, March 2, 2009

Stupid #@$%%## yawn-dry,

I don't know how we do it, but for people who don't do much, we sure can dirty up mounds of clothes in a short amount of time. Landon & I have been washing/folding/ putting away clothes since 7 tonight. Of course, MOST of it was Jax's. I am really starting to hate baby clothes. They are expensive & babies can only wear an outfit ONCE bc when you wash it, it shrinks 4 sizes. So you wait until your kid is big enough to fit into something, & then when they are they mess it up & that's it. Forget about it. They will probably never put it on again. I wash all of his stuff on cold-delicate & low heat & STILL things come out the size of something the cat could wear. Maybe that's what I should do. Give it to Lou lou & make HER wear it all. She's declawed. I could probably get something on her.

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